I need a vacation from my vacation! | Yorktown NY Therapist Dr. Dana Leonardi

As a Yorktown NY Therapist, I know we have all heard this a few time and likely have said it ourselves. A vacation is supposed to be when we get to relax and rejuvenate from months of working, taking care of our kids and our homes.  So when we come back from vacation feeling exhausted something is terribly wrong.

We work so hard all year and plan fabulous fun filled vacations, not giving much thought to the need to relax.  If there are kids involved it becomes even more difficult to plan a relaxing vacation.  After all, we need to keep the kiddies busy.  The thing is we need to plan a balanced vacation that allows for a lot of fun as well as the much needed relaxation.  Having one vacation loaded with fun (with or without kiddies), and another loaded with relaxation (much more difficult with kids) is the ideal solution, but not always possible. If there is room for only one vacation we need to build in a few days for just relaxing.  After all, we want to return to work feeling rested and ready to go, not worn out and exhausted.

So, when planning for vacation put some extra thought into getting some down time.  I know I would rather go back to work saying I had an awesome vacation instead of saying I need a vacation from my vacation.

Happy summer from your Yorktown NY Therapist.


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